Aug. 19th, 2010

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Title: Errr....I dunno yet ('Berlin' for now...? Russian Summer in Berlin? So a Guy Walks Into a German Porn Shop...?)
Rating: NC-17 (Eventually. For this part, dirty shopping, f-bombs, and a mankiss.)
Fandom: Original
Disclaimer: Don't own the concert/band I went to, which this is loosely based off of. Sort of. Not really. And I do not speak either German or Russian (or good English for that matter), so the onetwo Russian words I popped in here isare probably off, and as of now I think I am going to abuse strikeouts. Oooo, strikeouts. Oh, and verbosity. I guess that's a warning.
Summary: An American meets a Russian while in Berlin to see a concert, aaaand that's about all this has going for it at the moment.
Author's Notes: Ur, lessee, I have no real idea how to sell this here fic. Ficlet. WIP ficcy thing. Oddly enough, the main characters are based off of an old WIP that'll never see the light of day, which will be cannibalized for parts for this one. The impetus for this was: aforementioned WIP born of living in my roach-infested slumlord aunt's apartment complex, trufax; a Rammstein concert in Berlin (and largely my newfound and impossibly deep love for said city); and The Sims 3.

"Yeah, but I was looking for some plot with my porn, you know?" )


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