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because who does that?


if I am not electrocuted by the end of this post, well, yay for me, but also I will have hopefully gotten a few things out.


one, I'm an idiot, but I'm recognizing that so that's cool.


two, I have accepted, nay, embraced that my job is eating my soul and destroying me both physically and mentally. I can't jump ship quite yet, but I am jobhunting like a jobhunting thing.


the hunt means I cannot sport my customary mohawk, which gives me great grief.


I wish to be more active in both writing and art, though the art is my eyes only because a) it sucks and b) it is just to get back into things, stress relief, and maayyybe to improve.


I wish to be more open with the world at large with my identity rather than my assignment, but that's kinda a work in progress.


I fucking love trains.


Z aus.

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which is just silly, because if I ever learn how to use an LJ cut, it'll be the normal brightass screen anyhow....bleh.


This journal is excessively fappy. I feel the need to go back and clean up or otherwise
nuke silly old emoposts from when I was but a child.


I am yet a child and will continue to fap within this journal, because that is who I am, but hey, good intentions, right?

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